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This was a fantastic summer!…

Author: Gergo Borlai Category: News Date:: 2014-11-07 19:27:08

This was a fantastic summer!

Hi Folks!This was a fantastic summer! I…


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This was a fantastic summer!

Hi Folks!

This was a fantastic summer!
I was a guest teacher on Thomas Lang’s Big Drum Bonanza beside Thomas Lang, Chris Coleman, Aquiles Priester, Matt Garstka, Derek Roody.

I was also playing on the Hollywood Vintage Drum show. I had a great trio with Scott Kinsey and Hadrien Feraud.

I’ll do my first international drum camp on the 29-30th of November. Call Drum Rumble Camp. I’ll have a guest teacher, George Kollias! I’m very exited!

2014 NAMM Show

Great meetings, great deals, great future plans, great friendships, great time, great weather.

Thank you for all of my friends!


2014 - Winter NAMM Show

Hello Everyone!

It's always a great moment of the year to meet the members of my companies like Paiste, Vic Firth, Remo, Drum Workshop. The past year had a successful and a great work with those people. It's nice to be with them and personally spend some time together. Also such a great time to see all those different brand's new products. It's also a pleasure to have a meeting with friends, like Thomas Lang, Ronn Dunnett, Scott Kinsey, Scott Henderson, Hadrien Feraud, Yolanda Charles, etc. During my visit I'll step by in Musicians Institute to see a great person, Stewart Jean. In this time period, there is also a two days recording session in my schedule. Looking forward for NAMM 2014 to see great events, and I wish a great time for everyone!


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