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Gergo Borlai

Gergo’s origin as hungarian professional drummer has been living in Barcelona, Spain.
Gergo started playing the drums at the age of 3 when he heard Harvey Mason and Joe Morello playing Hancock’s Chameleon and Brubeck’s Take Five.
He was accepted into a music school at the age of six performing these songs but mostly they were impressed by his improvisation skills. In his childhood he was devoted all his time to music. The works of Weather Report, Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Allan Holdsworth, John Scofield and John McLaughlin inspired him the most.
Mostly Billy Cobham, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dennis Chambers, Kirk Covington and Terry Bozzio influenced his play style.

At the age of 12, Gergo decided to continue learning on his own. In this time he reached a level of expertise and he took the chance to start playing in the Hungarian musical elite.

In his home country of Hungary, Gergo Borlai has appeared on more than a 250 albums, received two lifetime achievement awards and two “gold record awards,” as well as the Golden Drumstick Prize and the Artisjus Lifetime Achievement Award. Gergo has become one of the most exciting up-and-coming drumset artists and has grown in popularity and also with his breathtaking solos.
Gergo has contributed to several albums as an arranger, songwriter and music director.

Gergo performed with Gary Willis (USA), Scott Kinsey(USA), Scott Henderson(USA), Matthew Garrison(USA), Steve Tavaglione(USA), Llibert Fortune(SP), Walt Fowler(USA), Bob Mintzer(USA), Hiram Bullock(USA), L. Shankar(India), Vernon Reid(USA), Iain Ballamy(GB), Terry Bozzio(US), Al DiMeola(USA), Nguyen Lee(F), Hadrien Feraud(F), Eivind Aarset(N), Eric Moore(USA), Tim Lefebvre(USA), Yolanda Charles(GB)

Gergo had several recent performances at drum festivals across the globe like: Montreal Drum Fest, DrumChannel, Dresden Drum Fest, Paris La Bag Show, Marseille La Bag Show, 5th Paris Chelles Sessions, Vysoké Myto Drumfestival, Katarey Drum Festival, YouGroove Drumfestival, etc…Gergo also became a clinician man all over in Europe and U.S. and Asia like Musician Institute Hollywood, South Korea, France, Sweden, Poland, South America, Spain, Germany, etc…
Gergo is a professor of the Liceu Academy/Jazz Departement – Barcelona since 2012

Gergo has lesson packages for Drum Guru(U.S. made app), who was the winner in 2013 as a best drummies application on the iTunes store. In that surface, such a big drummers/legends includes like: Chad Smith(Red Hot Chilly Peppers), Steve Gadd(Eric Clapton, Paul Simon), Steve Smith (Journey), Mike Mangini(Dream Theater)

Gergo got invitation and had an one hour interview and presentation as a drummer in a live show for Drumchannel in California in 2013.

Gergo was the only one invited guest of Terry Bozzio’s Europe Tour in 2013.
Gergo was a guest teacher on Thomas Lang’s Big Drum Bonanza in California in 2014.
Gergo was performing on the Hollywood Drum Show in 2014.
Gergo has three solo-albums: „17” (BMG, 1998), 
Sausage (Tom Tom Records,2004) 
M.M.M. (Author’s Edition, 2010)

Prizes include:
1997 - Honour for Life-work
 1999 - Black Box (Drummer of the Year)
 2001 - Golden Drumstick (Honour of Hungarian State)
 2001 - Gold Album (Drummer)
 2003 - Golden Arrow (Drummer of the Year)
 2003 - Gold Album (Producer)
 2004 - Honour of surpassingly activities in the Hungarian contemporary music art
 2009 - Rudolf Lábán Award for BL Performance
 2009 - Contemporary Theatre Price BL Performance (Best Drummer) 

Hungary, Romania, France, Slovakia, Chez Republic, Belgium, Finland, England, Germany, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Croatia, Netherland, USA, Canada, Japan, Israel, South Corea, Dominican Republic, Greece

Gergo endorsers of DrumCraft, Paiste, Remo, Vic Firth, Drum Workshop, Slapklatz, Dunnett




Contact Gergo Borlai


Gergo on Facebook

Events Gergo Borlai


  • 21 - Budapest(H), Gödör Club with European Mantra
  • 22 - Budapest(H), Dobosfarsang, clinic


  • 13 - Franfurt(D), Musikmesse with Yolanda Charles
  • 14 - Franfurt(D), Musikmesse with Yolanda Charles
  • 15 - Franfurt(D), Musikmesse with Yolanda Charles
  • 21 - Paris(F), Le Triton with Nguyen Le, Songs of Freedom
  • 22 - Paris(F), Le Triton with Nguyen Le, Songs of Freedom


  • 1 - Torino(I) with Nguyen Le, Songs of Freedom
  • 16 - Laon(F), clinic


  • 2 - Big Drum Bonanza (USA)
  • 3 - Big Drum Bonanza (USA)
  • 4 - Big Drum Bonanza (USA)
  • 25 - Narbonne (F) with Nguyen Le Hendrix Tribute


  • 10 - Algir with Nguyen Le Hendrix Tribute
  • 28 - Barcelona (SP) with Llibert Fortuny
  • 29 - Barcelona (SP) with Llibert Fortuny
  • 30 - Barcelona (SP) with Llibert Fortuny


  • 27 - Winterthur (CH) Clinic


  • 1 - Montbéliard (F) Clinic
  • 10 - Fribourg (CH) with Nguyen Le Hendrix Tribute
  • 15 - Los Angeles (USA) with Scott Kinsey Group
  • 18 - Hollywood (USA) with Scott Kinsey and Hadrien Feraud
  • 30 - Miane (I) with Federico Malaman and Lino Brotto
  • 31 - Bassano (I) with Federico Malaman and Lino Brotto


  • 1 - Santorso (I) with Federico Malaman and Lino Brotto
  • 10 - Corps (F) Clinic
  • 29 - Budapest (H) Drum Rumble Camp
  • 30 - Budapest (H) Drum Rumble Camp


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